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Sudbury Star questionnaire

October 24, 2010

Here are my responses to a recent Sudbury Star questionnaire:

Do you favour keeping taxes and user fees at their current levels?

No, because we’re paying higher taxes and user fees but I don’t feel the services are improving.

Are you prepared to cut staff and programs to keep taxes and user fees at their current levels?

No, because I believe we can keep user fees and taxes where they are, and hopefully lower them, if we use tax-payer money more wisely.

Would you consider part- nerships with the private sector to build such things as arenas, industrial parks and a biosolids plant?

Yes, because that way we can get more facilities without burdening the taxpayers further.

Do you favour borrowing money to pay for road and infrastructure upgrades?

Not sure, because it would be dependent upon the interest level and payment plan and whether or not it is affordable for our city.

Would you revive proposals to build either a multi-use recreation centre or a per- forming arts centre or both?

Yes, because I think the proposals need to be looked at so we can figure out a way to make progress without burdening taxpayers more.

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